Saturday, December 29, 2018

AOC Thinks She Can Do WHAT?

Scammers just can't seem to kick their resemblance to the Democrap Party.

Witness this email effort to give my character the business:

Federal Reserve Bank (UNDP)
(World Bank Assisted Programmed)
Directorate of International
Payment and Wire Transfer/Audit Unit
Ref: FPU/OTMINO/VOL.Category /A1

Re: Beneficiary,


With reference to the above-mentioned subject; We apologize for the
delay in processing your awarded compensation PAYMENT,it's been as a
result of the high in-flux in rapid payments to qualified
WIRE TRANSFERS" spanning across various destinations.

Furthermore, Be informed that all necessary documentations has been
processed and forwarded to the accounts department to effect payment
as soon as possible, We've employed transparency in our bid in-line
with the programs and summits sponsored by the "Newly sworn-in
administration board by the United Nations General Assembly in it's
crusade to eradicate corruption.

The United Nations Development program (UNDP), in conjunction with the
Federal Reserve Bank & Health care compensation schemes for families
(HCCS); Therefore the European Union (EU) makes a yearly donation of
$7.5 Million to eligible Recipients worldwide.

Note: All qualified beneficiaries on our database were randomly picked
via an extensive survey over 100,000 internet websites, mini mart
shops around your area which you might have made purchases from. Just
a gentle reminder; No tickets were sold thus you are required to fill
the form below and email it To the office of our Executive Secretary
with the below contact for Qualification, documentation and processing
of your claims. You are get back immediately with your Qualification
numbers (UNDP-909-1114, SFH-4147-465).  

Yup...every bit as believable as a Bela Pelosi presser or anything from the yap of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, who thinks the First Amendment has been suspended when it comes to making fun of her.

My pet rock, Seymour -- who used to enjoy making fun of Kim Jong Un -- has now found a new "fun to be made of" character in the form of AOC.  And while she had nothing to do with the email scam, she has plenty to do with it's editing:

Email Header:  Reply Urgent...Please...ANYONE...  

Federal Reconstituted Virgins Genital Rebushing Project (EN)
(Eunuch Nations Assisted Programmed)
Directorate of Douche Audit Unit
Ref: OMG/WTF/VOL.Category /A1



With reference to the above-mentioned subject; We apologize
for the email.  Our robotic vacuum/oral sex machine used the
wrong list of emails here.

Furthermore, Be informed that all necessary documentations has been
declared circum nada genital Iditarod and forwarded to the dead letter
office of the Nigerian Postal Service where there's nothing going but corruption.

 The Eunuch Nations Dysfunctional program (ENDP), in conjunction with
a robotic dildo on loan from a house of prostitution in the Democrap
National Committee offices, has no idea what the flying fish f**k they're
doing worldwide.

Note: All qualified in our database were randomly picked from cemetery
registries over 100,000 internet websites and frightfully inflated DNC
voter registration drives of cartoon characters and inanimate objects
in Kaliforlornia.
Just a gentle reminder; if you make fun of Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez,
she'll try to send you to a gulag, even though she's too stupid to
know she ain't got the power to do that.

1. FULL NAME.:......................
2. CONTACT ADDRESS.:... .........
3. NATIONALITY...................
4. SEX...........
5. AGE /DATE OF BIRTH: .......
6. TEL/FAX N0:...................
7. OCCUPATION :................

This is to notify you that the OFFICE OF THE RECTUM HELL KILLED THEM
ALL OF OPERATIONS DISCREDITED has finally approved zucchini
enemas for all the women and wannabes of the DNC.  Also be it known to
you that we have made it very difficult for anybody to understand one word
Nancy Bela Pelosi says, let alone what Maxipad Waters demands be impeached,
from a door knob to a tree stump.

Lastly, we want to note you that we have been receiving messages on
your behalf from other folks from different country telling us that
you have been turned into a multi-tentacled marmot by an African
spell caster named Ukulele Ungabunga Boo.  If true, would you
please send us a picture; we ain't never seed nuffin like dat.

Thanks for your co-operation, which will amaze us if we get it.

Best Regards,

David Moore.
Federal Reconstituted Virgins Genital Rebushing Project (EN)  
I didn't get a response from the scammer, but I am given to understand that AOC wants to subpoena Seymour and Waters wants to impeach him.

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Blogger Sandee said...

Tell Seymour that those clowns aren't going to do anything to him. They just talk and talk and all it is is wishful thinking.

Have a fabulous weekend, Seymour. My best to your dad and Element. ☺

29 December, 2018 10:24  

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