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A Pet Rock's View Of College Cupcakes

Yes, my pet rock, Seymour, has done DC.  Courtesy of his awesome friend and host, Lynn Abbott.

No, my pet rock did NOT vote on November 8, 2016.  As a mineral, he's not eligible to vote and he respects the process.

Besides, he's not a democrat.  Even dead cartoon characters can register and vote in that party.

My pet rock has become amused at some of the protests around the country by, in a lot of cases, college "cupcakes" who are totally blown away that their criminal queen Hellary didn't win what was supposed to have been her "deserved" coronation.

I seem to remember that she was supposed to have been "Inevitable Hellary" and have a coronation in '08, too...and no one (other than her) lost their cookies over it not happening.

Guess George Soros wasn't going to pay college cupcakes money to protest his other puppet.

At any rate, Seymour came upon an article about a bill being introduced by an Iowa representative that goes after colleges potentially using tax payer money to foment leftist unrest and doing George Soros' work for him.

Seymour thought it -- the article -- in need of some reality, so he gave it some:

It's a pathetic day that such a bill has to even be introduced. Then again, it's already a sad day that alleged young adults make it possibly necessary. Iowa Rep. Bobby Kaufmann probably considers it both.

According to this, Rep. Kaufmann has felt it necessary to introduce a bill meant to target colleges and universities that spend taxpayer dollars on 'trigger events' like elections, and waste those dollars – meant for education – on stupid crap like safe zones, cry-ins, as well as grief counseling for students who can’t handle the most inane of things like their candidate losing. The bill also calls for criminal charges for idiots that block highways because their widdow feewings are hurt.

I doubt this will help but for those who grew up getting participation awards:

The bill has been nicknamed the “Suck It Up, Buttercup” bill. Rep. Kaufman sums it up thus:
“I’ve seen four or five schools in other states that are establishing ‘cry zones’ where they’re staffed by state grief counselors and kids can come cry out their sensitivity to the election results,” said Rep. Bobby Kaufmann (R-Wilton) to the Des Moines Register. “I find this whole hysteria to be incredibly annoying. People have the right to be hysterical … on their own time.”
“I have no issue with protesting,” he said. “In fact, I would go to political war for anyone who wanted to protest or dissent and they couldn’t. But you can’t exercise your constitutional right by trampling on someone else’s. When they blocked off Interstate 80, they crossed a line.”
Naturally, the leftist whiners are already crying about it, that the bill (and Kaufmann) is going to stifle free speech and deny these delicate flowers the right to make their childish angst a problem for everyone:
Spokesthings – remember the demands for gender sensitivity – for the state’s public universities deny weakly that they are spending additional state resources to give hypersensitive students – traumatized by professors, cnn, the dnc, FBI and Wikileaks – a chance to melt down and go into thumb suck mode over imagined tribulations they've been told they should be traumatized by.
“I think universities are the perfect place to have turned on their ears, tax payer money wasted, and a whole generation of wusses raised that will make asses of themselves doing traumatized videos on YouBoob,” said a blithering idiot from a state eunuchversity that's dropping intellectual standards to accommodate dumbed down social engineering. “It’s where we indoctrinate stupid. It’s where we plant these silly, non-productive ideas. I consider it necessary so that the dizzying drop in ethical journalism standards at places like msnbc has a purpose.”
There was a time when universities were meant to be not only centers of learning, but a good place for healthy debate and discussion. Iowa seems to have devolved the approach of stifling one side of the debate – the side that challenges liberal nonsense – to favor the dumbed down side of a discussion or a conversation or a dialogue. It’s become leftist indoctrination, bordering on threats in some cases. A simple philosophical disagreement is greated with cupcakes screaming “CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!” before they’ll allow themselves to grow up and consider a point of view other than their reality-ignorant own.

Sounds like Iowa's lower education is happy to facilitate this one-sided conversation.  

I guess I can understand Iowa eunuchversities wanting to calm the simpering waifs:  after all, their state went*trigger word upcoming warning..*...Trump.

*Hundreds of cupcakes just wet themselves*

I and my pet rock wish Rep. Kaufmann luck with his bill.  Sounds like what's left of rationality at Iowa's colleges needs it.

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Blogger Sandee said...

These crybabies are going to be really surprised by life when it hits them head on. Who will keep America strong? These twits? I don't think so and I blame their parents for raising these little crybaby brats.

Have a fabulous day Mike. My best to my buddies Seymour and Element. ☺

19 November, 2016 08:58  

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