Saturday, April 28, 2012

A 'Break' For The Scammers

I wasn't 'tagged' by Sandee of Comedy Plus, but I accepted her generic 'invite' to respond to a questionnaire of sorts.

Let's call it a break for the scammers for one post.

1.How long have you been blogging?
Since June of 2005.  678 posts worth so far, less some earlier ones that I culled because they linked back to my old website, which I deactivated in March '07.

2. Are you a procrastinator or do you take care of things right away?

3. If you have siblings, are you close?
Yes, no and yes:  yes I have siblings.  We don't communicate daily, but we're there for one another.

4. What's the best thing about your job? The worst?
It allows me to work behind the scenes in a support role.  The worst thing is the stress level when it gets hectic, as it frequently does.

5. If you had $1,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy?
Since I don't have a thousand dollars, it's moot as to what it'd get spent on.

6. How long has it been since you visited your hometown?
Summer of '91, I think.

7. Have you decorated for Easter/Spring? please share pictures.
Horsefeathers...I haven't 'decorated' for any occasion or holiday since I've lived in my current digs, besides hanging three colored Christmas balls from the clock approaching Christmas.

8. Do you sleep with a fan on?
No...the cheering, calls for beer and a wave, and catcalls keep me awake.

9. The beach or the mountains?
One day I may split the difference and return to rural Iowa.

10. If you had to choose only one which would you pick: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or blogging?
I'd blog ahead of the rest.  What in the horsefeathers is Pinterest?  A sister peak in Tibet to Everest?

11. When shopping, do you use coupons or shop around for the best deal?
I hate shopping.  I go in, get what I need, and get out.  And don't coupons go best on salad?

If you learned something new here, great.  If not, great.  Now, back to abusing online email scammers ;-)



Blogger Right Truth said...

"2. Are you a procrastinator or do you take care of things right away?

A typical Skunkfeathers answer.

Did I learn anything? No. But it was still interesting reading your answers/non-answers.

I was not familiar with Pinterest until a few weeks ago. I visited a couple of times after a friend bragged about it. I don't see the thrill of it myself. I don' do anything with FaceBook or Twitter other than post links to the articles at Right Truth. I don't have time to sit around with my head in Facebook.

A good blogger, Don Surber, has closed out his blog and is no longer blogging (although he still writes articles as his day job. He will be missed

Right Truth

28 April, 2012 12:43  
Blogger Sandee said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to visit. I've been somewhere where there wasn't any Internet. It was great as I wasn't in front of one computer.

Did I learn something about you? Not really. I've always likes your snarky view of life. You and I shop alike too.

Have a terrific day and thanks for playing along. :)

29 April, 2012 17:32  

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