Saturday, May 21, 2011

Still Here, Huh?

So, you partied like there'd be no tomorrow on Saturday, May 21....and dang it all, there was a tomorrow that's today, Sunday, May 22.
Our photo subject is either (a) disconsolate 'cuz he didn't get raptured or (b) so hung over he's sparing us the rest of it.
I'm still here. I reckoned I would be. But I didn't take no chances: I was sure I wasn't having one last absolutely yummy pupu platter from my fav chinese delivery place. Now I know, with absolute certainty, that I can have more of 'em.
I reckon y'all are still about, too. Horsefeathers, I'll bet even Rev. Harold Egbert Camping's still h'yar.
So scrap your plans for not worrying about your 2011 IRS filings.
Maybe the Mayans will bail us out.
Back to the drawing board, Rev. Make sure it's widda new abacus. Your last one had a binary blip or breakdown or sumpin...



Blogger Sandee said...

I'm pleased to report that I'm not hung over this morning, but we did have champagne at 6 last evening. Then we had a nice dinner and some more champagne. They we went nighty night.

Have a terrific day. :)

22 May, 2011 10:59  
Blogger Right Truth said...

On the radio yesterday callers were asked 'if the world is to end tomorrow, what would you do today?" Most of the answers were things like a 'bucket list' of what they wanted to do. My answer to myself was "eat all the things I have been depriving myself of in order to keep my girlish figure."

I never expected the world to end, but I ate all the goodies I wanted anyway, ha.

I love that image, it begs for captions.

Right Truth

22 May, 2011 14:51  

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