Friday, August 31, 2007

Coffee Barf -- III: Trophies

Yeah, I know: I left off about to answer the phone. But first (mwhahahaha) took six days from the date I was notified it was coming via USPS. Which means, with a little simple math, I didn't yet have the delivery when I told Mr. Dean John that I had it.
I lied. Yeah, I know...shameless. But I didn't suggest to you that I was fit material for your kids to look up to anyway, so get over it.
At any rate and upon it's arrival, I could see why it took six days: Mr. Eugene Kline, alleged US customer of Dean John and Costa Coffee, and claimed NY resident (according to the money orders), didn't send the money orders from NY, either the city or the state.

The envelope came from Republique De Benin. The contents of which I was expected to cash and wire back immediately. Less, of course, my 10%.

Leave it to me to screw up a major part of this. That part. Oh whoops.

Of course, after the telephone call (in three parts), the email exchanges amounted to little more than my reply to him, his "fully awakened" response, and my epilogue. But just so's those of you who think I should report all this to authoritah will be satisfied, I did so. First I notified Moneygram's corporate office in Minneapolis; they directed me to my local police department. Then I contacted them and left a message with the Fraud Division.

The response: *yawn* (or basically, the equivalent of). I wasn't surprised: their 'Benin Desk' hasn't been staffed lately. Or ever.
So I guess I keep my trophies.
Next up: Coffee Barf -- IV: Son of Starbucks


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